We’re giving lapelle readers the chance to try the pioneering new DNA-correcting and full-circle sun protection of Lamelle Helase 50 themselves – enter here!

It’s near impossible in 2016 to not be a fan of Lamelle Helase 50. This inspired new product is the first to not only offer 100% sun protection, but also to reverse any existing skin DNA damage.

Lapelle has spoken at length about Helase in the past few months. But to recap quickly: Science recently proved that modern sunscreen SPF 50 and antioxidants are only 53% effective against the true extent of sun damage your skin actually suffers today.

On top of that, sunscreen can only prevent skin damage, not correct any existing damage. And our bodies are missing a key enzyme called photolyase (present in most plants and non-mammalian animals) that is necessary for preventing the most dangerous types of DNA damage in skin, dimers.

Lamelle Helase 50 is the first of its kind in South Africa (and possibly the world) to consistently prove that it offers 100%, full-circle sun protection, and also contains that magic photolyase enzyme, giving the body the ability to protect and heal skin DNA damage. Watch a video on how this works here.

You can win

Two lucky lapelle readers will each win a Lamelle Helase 50 product, to the value of R500 each. Make sure it’s you!

Lamelle Helase 50 product

Some important details

  • Entries are open from 27 October to 05 December 2016
  • Two (2) winners will each win a Helase 50 product to the value of R500
  • You have to sign up to lapelle’s weekly mailing list to enter: if you’re already signed up, just indicate so in the entry above. If not, sign up now for automatic entry
  • Upon entry, your name will be put into a draw, from where the winners will be selected
  • By entering, you agree to make a photo of yourself available to lapelle for promotional purposes

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