No, you haven’t come anywhere near the perfect shaving experience until you’ve had this ultimate wet shave

The perfect shave is a phrase that’s thrown around a lot these days. Usually, it’s some disposable-razor manufacturer trying to peddle you their latest throwaway “masterpiece”. Three blades, four blades – who cares?

You haven’t experienced a truly close shave until you’ve sat down and had a real master shape you up using a cut-throat razor. You know, the kind you see in the movies. Yes, now that’s a real shave.

And, because you’re after more than just the average shaving experience, why not throw in a good helping of proper skincare for your face, too? Good news. That’s exactly what skincare therapist Sarah Nicholson from Cape Town specialises in.

And she agreed to let LapelleVids go behind the scenes with her as she executes what just might be the ultimate wet shaving experience in the country. Think you’re ready for this?

Watch: This is what getting the ultimate wet shave looks like

About the wet shave to end all shaves …

We told you this is no ordinary shave. The pre-shave prep alone for this specialist wet shave can take up to 15 minutes, because it requires a highly involved process of trimming, cleansing, applying an enzymatic exfoliator (yes! your skin will start rejoicing long before the shave has even started) and pre-shave oils to allow “the Maestra” to really get to work on your face.\

After a – you guessed it – session with a hot towel, the therapist uses a genuine cut-throat razor to give you the closest shave you’ve ever had. And then comes the ultimate post-shave treatment, including everything from a balm to an ice compresses, and even Lamelle growth-factor hydration products so advanced only a certified professional is allowed to apply them.

In this video

Leon Snyman hasn’t had a shave in a while. Good, because that’s just how therapist Sarah Nicholson likes it. After a rigorous yet relaxing (for Leon) pre-shave routine, Sarah fluffs and applies the shaving cream and dispenses the closest, smoothest shave you’ll ever see.

Post-shave, she follows a nourishing balm and ice compress with an application of Lamelle’s bFGF Post Care Hydrator with patented recombinant human growth factors for a shave Leon will someday be telling the grandkids about.

The results

The look and feel speaks for itself. But Leon walks away with not only the coolest and most relaxing shave of his life but also the immutable glow that comes from skin that’s been properly treated and cared for. What more could you ask for?

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Thanks to:

  • Leon Snyman
  • Sarah Nicholson from Glasshouse in Cape Town

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