Using Fraxel® Laser treatment technology to stimulate the collagen in top layers of skin, this treatment fights the signs of ageing

Fine lines, wrinkles, scarring, pigmentation and sun damage are all signs of premature ageing that we can all live without. But, while we at lapelle will always advocate taking preventative measures to fight ageing, we also understand that in many cases the damage is already done. That’s where a Fraxel Laser treatment could come in.

During this season of lapelleVids, we’ve shown you a few laser treatments, each for treating a specific condition. Now, we’re going to show you a Fraxel Laser treatment on an older patient with advanced signs of ageing.

We met up with therapist Anika Krige in Cape Town as she administers the Fraxel Laser to Lyn De Bruin. Let’s see:

Watch: This is what getting the Fraxel Laser treatment looks like

About Fraxel Laser

Fraxel Laser is unique among lasers in that it is both very strong and very precise. Fraxel triggers an immediate inflammatory response in the skin, which is very visible in redness and can feel tender (almost like a mild sunburn). Yet it’s so precise it can even be used on sensitive skin areas, such as the neck, chest and hands.

This treatment uses two types of laser, erbium and thulium, to target only a certain percentage of the skin cells. The remaining percentage is then stimulated to actively and quickly heal all the skin around it.

The laser penetrates the top layers of skin, and the resulting light energy simultaneously stimulates collagen and resurfaces the skin. Fraxel thus both causes healthy skin shedding and repair and growth of new collagen.

In this treatment

Therapist Anika prepares Lyn for treatment by applying a local anaesthetic to the treatment areas (face and neck). Once again, this is quite a powerful laser, so the anaesthetic just helps make the heating sensation more manageable for the patient.

Lyn’s eyes are covered with shields, and the laser treatment begins. Anika criss-crosses over Lyn’s forehead, cheeks, neck and mouth areas. The treatment requires two runs, each with a different setting on the laser.

Afterwards, Lyn’s skin is sensitive and quite red. This is an ideal response, and it means the sunspots and blemishes will shed soon. Lyn is provided with special home care products and instructions to ensure maximum efficacy.

The results

Within a few days, Lyn experiences an immediate new feeling of smoothness to her skin. But the progressive results only start appearing after a few weeks: fewer blemishes and hyperpigmentation and spots disappear.

It will take about 3–5 treatments to reach the full desired effect. But by week nine, Lyn already says she’s happy with the results so far.


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Special thanks to:

  • Anika Krige, Skin Renewal
  • Lyn De Bruin
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