This unique procedure combines a skin sensitivity analysis with an advanced tailor-made treatment for your face

Skin sensitivity. We all get it from time to time. Some worse and for longer than others, though, and for some, it’s all down to genetics.

The best you can usually do is to get your skin analysed by your skincare therapist, and then follow a specialised treatment plan for your specific cause of sensitivity. That’s right, we all have various reasons our skin becomes sensitive.

Sometimes it’s just a little dry, especially in wintertime. Other times there’s an external factor at work, like an allergen or toxin you’ve been exposed to. Some skins just don’t adapt well to change and, whenever you apply anything new, it flares up again

There are any number of reasons for skin being sensitive (many even consider dryness- and inflammation-prone skin a “type” all its own). And, while it’s always worthwhile to work with your therapist to find a long-term solution, lapelleVids recently met up with therapist Hannelie Van Schalkwyk who showed us how she does a unique facial aimed at relieving skin sensitivity.

Watch: This is what getting a facial for skin sensitivity looks like

About the facial for skin sensitivity

The basis for this facial is quite simple: analyse the skin first, before applying a tailor-made procedure. It starts with a nourishing cleanse, and then the therapist applies Lamelle’s Cathepzyme, an enzymatic exfoliator that’s often used in conjunction with skin peels since it’s very adept at loosening the bonds between unwanted skin cells.

The skin will become tingly and red in some areas, allowing the therapist a glimpse into what zones on the face is causing the trouble. And, once the therapist has determined the cause of the sensitivity on skin, she will apply a suitable, nourishing treatment to help rejuvenate and strengthen the skin.

In this treatment

Patient Elanie Snyman suffers from what seems to seasonal skin irritation and sensitivity, which is why therapist Hannelie does a thorough analysis. She determines that Hannelie’s skin is suffering severe dryness in certain parts of the face and initiates a treatment that will help normalise the skin for all-over skin health.

Elanie receives a combination treatment consisting of a Lacti-Firm skin peel (using lactic acid to tone, firm and revitalise the skin while stripping away dead/unwanted skin cells) and a lipid-recovery mask, which deeply nourishes and restores the skin’s pH and the skin barriers natural function.

The results

Immediately after the treatment, Elanie’s skin feels smoother, suppler, tighter, and – best of all –rejuvenated and refreshed all over. She feels that her skin is more balanced and she’s confident she’ll be able to keep it all in check throughout winter.

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Thanks to:

  • Elanie Snyman
  • Hannelie Van Schalkwyk from Glasshouse in Cape Town

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