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With Dr Bradley Wagemaker: What exactly is it that makes skin healthy or unhealthy?

In the simplest and most basic terms, what we call healthy skin – which covers everything from ageing to disorders and general skin health – really boils down to the optimum presence and functioning of only five elements.

If these five elements are present in the right quantity, and the skin continues to produce or receive them, you’ve achieved optimal skin health.


In ideal homeostasis of skin, all these vital elements are present in just the right amounts and perform optimally: elastin, fibroblasts, hyaluronic acid, collagen and the essential enzymes.

And on the flipside, if anything is lacking, broken down or not being produced naturally by the body anymore, skin health deteriorates, leading to the signs of ageing and adverse skin conditions.

What affects these elements in my skin?

Genetics play a role in most of them, as do environmental factors that lead to long-term damage in skin. While some of the five elements above can be reintroduced externally if the body stops producing them, the best way to get long-lasting results is to take a more holistic outlook and consider that the DNA in your skin controls most of these processes anyway. So, how do you protect and repair DNA?

In the video below, Medical Director at Lamelle Research Laboratories, Dr Bradley Wagemaker, looks at optimal skin health, the role of genetics and the need to preserve your natural genes and DNA for ultimately healthier skin.

In this video:

  • Some people inherit good genes
  • Most of us don’t, we need extra help
  • Damaged DNA means poor skin health
  • DNA must be preserved for optimal skin health
  • We must try to prevent DNA damage
  • But we can also now repair broken DNA


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