Why go under the knife when you can use your body’s natural fat-metabolising processes to achieve your ideal look?

Stubborn tummy fat. Why it’s so tenacious is one of life’s greatest mysteries. Even if you follow the strictest diet and the most uncompromising exercise regimen, chances are that your body will still maintain unwanted localised fat deposits.

They’re most common on the tummy, hips and thighs, and scientists can’t seem to agree on what’s causing it. Some doctors say that it’s just a matter of genetics or growing older. Others say that it’s to do with our hormones and perhaps a combination of a rich modern diet and the realities of our more advanced lives wreaking havoc with our endocrine (hormonal) systems – science has proven that hormones have a very definite impact on how our bodies metabolise and store fat.

Either way, for a large part of the population it’s entirely possible to eat healthily, exercise, be generally rake-thin virtually everywhere else on their bodies, and still suffer from stubborn localised fat deposits in hard-to-reach places. It’s a source of frustration, which is why so may consider going under the knife. Liposuction and dermolipectomia are invasive, painful and very costly. So, we have to ask ourselves, is surgery really the only or best solution?

Enter Lamelle Research Laboratories’ Dermaheal Lipolytic Solution. This professional medical aesthetic product is much less invasive, with virtually no downtime. And, best of all, it uses your body’s own natural fat-metabolising processes to burn away stubborn fat fast.

Here’s what you need to know.

How my body burns fat naturally: lipolysis

Despite how you might feel about its capacity sometimes, your body is actually an incredibly fine-tuned fat-burning machine. When you eat or drink something, your body takes the nutrients it needs, and then breaks down molecules in foodstuff called triglycerides (which are directly related to what we think of as fat) into glycerine and fatty acids – which it easily flushes out of the system.

However, insulin and hormones play an important role in how your body treats the resulting ‘fatty residues’. If you take in (consume) more calories than you expend (use or burn up) during the day, the insulin will actually cause fatty deposits to collect in the body. (That’s why fitness gurus carry on about lessening caloric intake so much, by the way.)

But, if your caloric intake is less than the calories you burn, your insulin and hormones will actually stimulate your body into turning existing body fat into triglycerides – which your body then ‘consumes’ and burns away as if it came from food. Under the right conditions, your body literally ‘eats away’ at its stored fat.

This fat-burning process is called lipolysis.

So, if your body uses lipolysis all the time, why do stubborn localised fat deposits form at all? Well, the most likely cause is the disruption in the endocrine system. The chemicals and toxins we’re exposed to in modern life play havoc with our hormones. While science doesn’t know for sure, it’s likely that something goes wrong with that all-important insulin-hormone balance in the deeper layers of the skin, preventing lipolysis from taking place in that small area.

But before you contemplate liposuction to counter stubborn fat deposits, consider the more advanced, non-surgical solution.

What is Dermaheal Lypolytic Solution and how does it work?

Now that we know the body burns fat through lipolysis, consider this: Dermaheal Lipolytic Solution stimulates lipolysis in your body, even without all the complicated steps described above. It’s a solution injected directly into your problem areas, where it makes your body ‘burn away’ the most stubborn fat deposits, even if you decide to skip the gym or have that slice of chocolate cake on a cheat day. (Not that we endorse that kind of thing, but, you know, just saying.)

Science has discovered that the process of lipolysis (burning fat) uses a unique substance known as phosphatidylcholine (commonly found in all plants and animals) to absorb water and fat in the body. That’s how the body breaks down the fat and flushes it out of your system. And it’s the key to the lipolytic solution.

Dermaheal Lipolytic Solution contains phosphatidylcholine, which is directly injected into stubborn fatty deposits, not only burning fat regardless of what you do but also activating that fat-burning process in those previously unreachable places.

It’s basically a safe, non-surgical and much more viable option for treating stubborn tummy fat with virtually no downtime – just a few quick injections in the tummy area, once a month for around four to six months and it’s goodbye love handles, hello gorgeous body.

What to expect from a treatment

Dermeheal Lipolytic Solution is a professional treatment, meaning only a specialist Lamelle-accredited skincare therapist or medical doctor can administer it. So, you make an appointment with your therapist, and they will assess, brief and prepare you. The treatment is over quickly and you could technically go back to work directly after. Although, we recommend taking the afternoon off to relax and smile the day away daydreaming about what you’re going to do with that all-new perfect body of yours.

We recently did a post with a video of an actual lipolysis treatment here. It’s a must-see.

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