These are the trending looks you can expect to start seeing as we go into autumn 2017

Doesn’t quite feel like it yet, but soon summer will “officially” start drawing to a close. Even though the trend won’t make a huge impact personally, stores will anticipate the change of season and start changing their merchandise etc.

So, it’s always good knowing what’s trending in the upcoming season. And, if you enjoyed our spring/summer evening make-up guide, you’ll love an autumn update. Here’s what we’re seeing on runways and in fashion capitals.

1. Feathery lashes

The trend is very much still false lashes on the top lid. But now they’re a little bolder. Go for something that stands out. Feathery lashes work best if you keep the rest of your make-up palette toned down or neutral, for a fresh, modern look.

These gorgeous false lashes are great for accentuating your eyes. For more tips on drawing attention to them, check out our post on making your eyes look bigger.

2. Pink, glossy lips and cheeks

Hooray! The classic is finally making a comeback. Lip-gloss is back, now upgraded with new, less sticky and gooey formulas for your enjoyment.

Pink is also trending in every way this autumn. Even winter-look, blushed pink cheeks are now a thing.

3. Winged cat eyeliner

Add some extra drama to your cat eyeliner look by winging it back about a centimetre outward from the corner of your eye.

Black is the name of the game. And you might even want to go for a slightly smudged black eyeliner look. Just don’t combine it with the cat eyes.

4. Artsy bright eye shadow

This one might seem a little oddball at first. But it’s a great way to reuse some of your leftover summer bright colours. The trend calls for an artful use of a bright colour eye shadow. And it’s not overdone, just a single line in bright blue, green, yellow or purple and you’re good to go.

It’s an artsy look, so feel free to experiment with other autumn make-up staples, such as metallic looks – especially copper. It could work well when co-ordinated with your nails too. Check out our guide to what your nail colour says about you.

5. Berry lips

We have a sneaking suspicion this one is part of the global trend towards a modern gothic aesthetic. A trend that’s no doubt brought on by TV shows like Penny Dreadful. But, you just can’t argue: lips in deep berry reds are just divine.

This look works great for either the office or a night out. Check out our guide to day-to-night make up.

Here’s hoping you fond some autumn make-up inspiration from this post. Don’t forget to check out this guide to organising your make-up like a pro.

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