Here’s how to juice, blend and extract some of the richest and most lauded recent health discoveries as super easy drinks and smoothies in your own home

You get healthy juices and smoothies, and then you get uber-healthy heroes made from pioneering discoveries or an entirely new approach to a select key ingredient. Sure, all juicing is healthy. But not all juices contains the recently appraised ingredients we’re about to discuss here.

If you enjoyed our recent look at prominent trends in health and wellness, you’ll know that we’re talking about the new range of superfoods and nutrients. From matcha tea to kefir and even dragon fruit, we’ve teamed up with our friends at NutriBullet, the de facto experts in (not merely juicing or blending, but in fact) extracting maximum nutrition from foodstuffs, to bring you this look at easy smoothies using some of the most lauded new health ingredients today.

Of course, we’ll give you the chance to win yourself a NutriBullet machine worth over R1 899. But first, see what ultra-healthy exotic smoothies you can whip up in a flash.

1. Blueberry-coconut matcha tea

The granddaddy of green tea, matcha is actually much older than most of us think. It’s way old. Like, ancient Chinese and Japanese old. This is actually one of the original ways that what we call green tea was consumed in the East.

Instead of making the tea like you normally would, brewing a tea leaf or bag, matcha is a green tea that’s specially processed: they meticulously grow a specific species of tea plant in the shade for a few weeks before harvesting, causing a significant change in the plant’s chemical make-up. And then, it is ground into a fine powder.

The matcha tea powder is then dissolved in water and milk, to produce a type of tea that scientists say manages cholesterol and burns calories, but also fortifies the immune system, increases energy levels (we can all use a bit of that!) and even boosts memory and concentration. Consumers often laud the tea for providing a unique kind of ‘calm’ energy.

We say yes! Combine it with some coconut milk water and blueberries, and we’re there all the way.


1 cup coconut water
1 cup frozen blueberries
1 banana
½ cup fresh spinach
½ teaspoon matcha powder


Slice the banana into pieces and blend all the ingredients until smooth – use a NutriBullet for best results. And enjoy immediately.

2. Dragon fruit avocado blaze

Despite its Eastern look, the pitaya (dragon fruit) is actually the fruit of cacti from the Americas. It’s currently being studied for medicinal purposes for everything from heart health and diabetes treatment to cancer.

It’s packed with antioxidants but is also (oddly) high in phosphorus, which helps boost skin health at the cellular level.

We say team it with another of the world’s current biggest health ingredients, the amazing avocado.


1 tablespoon of dragon fruit flesh
½ an avocado
1 banana
1 cup of blueberries
90ml of plant milk (almond, cashew or soy milk)


Combine all the ingredients and blend for about 30 seconds. Pour into a glass and enjoy.

3. Peanut butter maca root smoothie

Not to be confused with matcha tea (point 1), maca is not Eastern, but South American. It’s from Peru, to be exact, and it’s made from the roots of a plant whose native home is the Andes.

Maca firstly contains a very generous helping of healthy plant protein – making it a firm favourite for most vegans – but it also holds exceptional nutritional value. It’s been proven to have a powerful impact on hormones, able to boost sexual health and fertility while improving energy, memory and mood.

We say go ahead. Let’s combine it with the rich goodness of peanut butter.


2 large frozen bananas
1 cup plant milk (almond, cashew or soy milk)
1 tablespoon peanut butter
1 tablespoon maca powder
1 tablespoon vanilla extract


Blend all ingredients on high until smooth and serve.

4. Kefir and date shake

We told you that gut health is super important nowadays. Those helpful little probiotics affect everything from digestion to your mood, so never skimp on them.

Kefir is a special type of fermented/cultured milk. And it comes in various forms, the most commonly sourced varieties in Africa go by the name amasi – you know, those little cartons of not-quite-milk you often see on the shelves at the shop.

Kefit not only boosts your immune system, but it purportedly fights cancer, builds healthy bones, relieves allergies and improves bowel function.

We say bring it on! And we’re pairing it with a pleasantly surprising companion, the date.


4 pitted dates
1 cup of plain kefir – amasi
1 ½ cups of plain yoghurt
Some cinnamon for garnish


Blend the dates and kefir for about 1 minute. Then add the yoghurt and blend until smooth. Garnish with some cinnamon and serve.

5. Watermelon water

Okay, you got us. This one’s not technically a smoothie. It’s more like water, with watermelon properly worked into it. But, you know, whatever Queen Bey says …

Watermelon is widely accepted as an excellent source of hydration because it naturally contains electrolytes and remarkable amino acids. The thinking is literally along the lines of how do we take this messy fruit and turn it into the everyday, everywhere hydration staple it should be?

Beyoncé made the news recently when she invested heavily in a company that manufactures, packages and sells watermelon water. Because, apparently, it’s just that good.

We say ok. But err … no offence to Queen Bey, you can make that at home yourself pretty easily, especially if you employ the advanced nutrient-extracting capabilities of the NutriBullet. Here’s how.


1 small watermelon
2 limes/lemons
1 tablespoon honey


Blend the watermelon and squeeze the limes over. Drizzle the honey over for the last few seconds of blending, pour and enjoy.


Don’t complain to us if you end up super healthy and oh-so-sexy when indulging in any of these puppies. And don’t forget to head over and win yourself a spectacular R1 899 NutriBullet right now.

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